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SYMBIOS Additive, LLC is a team of seasoned manufacturing professionals and application engineers who assist clients with the integration of Additive Manufacturing technologies into traditional manufacturing environments.  We partner with industry leading 3D parts providers, equipment manufacturers, and additive technology experts to provide the best solution for your application needs.  

Our unique combination of education and engineering experience in additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing processes enables us to provide focused technology solutions for our client's specific applications.  We have practical, hands-on experience in rapid prototyping, reverse engineering of legacy parts, foundry castings, design-to-production part development, CNC machining, injection molding, 3D printing (metals, ceramics, high strength polymers, foundry sand), 3D scanning, and process optimization. 

Let SYMBIOS Additive LLC help you answer the important questions :

  • Which applications in my business would benefit from 3D Printing?

  • Should my part be 3D printed vs cast and machined or fabricated?

  • Is the best solution to invest in a 3D printer or outsource to a 3D printing service company?

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"I founded SYMBIOS Additive LLC to be a resource for clients of all sizes who are navigating the integration of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technology into their business processes.  My professional history spans more than 25 years in manufacturing environments including supply chain management, foundry castings, CNC part manufacturing, metal fabrication, injection molding, project consulting, and over the past 10 years directly integrating industrial 3D printing solutions into traditional manufacturing.  As a company, we are uniquely qualified to provide the right Additive Manufacturing solution tailored for your application and business."

Mike Browning, Founder / CEO

Certified in multiple Additive Manufacturing technologies for metals, polymers, and ceramics: 

Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Binder-Jet, Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF), SLA, SLS, EBM, FDM, DMLS, DLP    and 3D Scanning, 

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Building mutually beneficial partnerships with clients by providing Additive Manufacturing solutions that are application specific; ensuring you invest in the right 3D technology and parts for your company.

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